Best of the Remade Star Trek Movies to Watch


Warning: This analysis of the best Trek movie to watch contains spoilers.

Star Trek Beyond is one of the top movies to watch this summer. With breathtaking visuals of futuristic starships and an incredible, Inception-esque starbase, Beyond is a summer blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination. There’s also welcome waves of tension that are constant throughout the film once it gets going. The nonstop action roller coaster ride distracts you from the occasional plot hole as well. This is a movie that will awe you throughout. The only downsides are the occasionally poor plot / character development and slow beginning.

In comparison to the other films, Star Trek Beyond lands somewhere in between. I would say it’s better than Star Trek Into Darkness, but worse than the original Star Trek. My order of  Trek movies to watch would be 1-3-2 . Even though Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing (as usual) in Into Darkness, the rest of the film fell rather flat. In the original Star Trek Leonard Nimoy was amazing, and the Romulans with their black hole device made for some maliciously excellent villains. Whereas in Star Trek Beyond the bad guys feel grossly underdeveloped. It’s unclear who or what the alien bad guys are for most of the film. When we finally do find out, the explanation doesn’t make a lot of sense. Alien mining drones? Why are there tens of thousands of them? Where did the soldiers and power armor in each mining drone come from? Who is Manis? Also, the alien soldiers themselves are terribly generic. It’s unfortunate because the alien mining drones themselves are a fresh and very cool concept. I suppose Kirk needed an ass to kick however, and they fit the bill acceptably.


To be fair, this is not a movie designed to be thoroughly analyzed for its quality storyline and character development. It’s clearly meant to be a special effects laden space trek. The director accomplishes this goal admirably. I feel like the director achieved what he set out to do, and the film should be praised for that. Additionally, the dialogue is snappy and remains relatively fresh, although most of the better lines are shown in the trailers for the movie.

The music is typically great, and there’s a unique moment in the film when it feels like the fourth wall is almost partially broken. The following sentences contain the most spoilers of pretty much this whole post, so be warned. Towards the end of the movie, when the relaunched USS Franklin fights the alien mining ships that destroyed the Enterprise, music is played that destroys the ships. This highly entertaining and memorable scene is partially breaking the fourth wall, while music from previous trailers is played as a means of defeating the aliens. Plot wise it really doesn’t make sense at all, to the point where I cringed when thinking about it, but on screen it was an extraordinarily epic effect.

Some of my favorite scenes from the movie include seeing the starbase with its shimmering forcefield and vertical architecture for the first time, when the alien mining drones tear the Enterprise apart with their swarming thousands, and when half of the Enterprise crashes into the planet and is dragged along the surface, tearing up trees, rocks and everything in its path. The visual effects in this movie alone make it worth the ticket price. I also really liked the alien traps in the film, they were creative and had cool special effects as well.


My favorite character is probably James T. Kirk. I know that’s a little unoriginal and boring but he’s funny and believable, even if his plot armor is a little thick. I lost count of how many times he charged into a group of 10-20 evil armored aliens and killed them all with his small phaser. Without a scratch too. I won’t spoil some of his cleverer fighting maneuvers, but Kirk does one in particular that is very memorable.

Overall, Star Trek Beyond is one of the mid-tier movies to watch of the Star Trek franchise, and this most assuredly is not a bad thing. The acting is great, the dialogue is witty and the music is catchy. If you want a non-stop thrill ride of space action and breathtaking visuals, this is the movie to go see. However, the original Star Trek remake has a much better bad guy, and a lot more dramatic and moving moments. The creation of the black hole that destroys Vulcan is one of the most amazing cinematic moments in recent history. It’s also more well written. Ultimately my rating of the three Star Trek Movies is: Star Trek Into Darkness last, Star Trek Beyond in second place and the original Star Trek taking first place. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments section below! I’ll see you all on the final frontier!