Captain America: Civil War Review (Warning: Contains SPOILERS)

Captain America: Civil War is a classic superhero action movie, rockin’ and sockin’ with the best. The plot can be a little thin at times, and there’s some questionable character development but overall it’s a simple, entertaining movie that accomplishes its goal of being a grand superhero fight. I believe the Civil War title is a bit misleading, as there are no large forces at play here. In fact, seeing two small teams of supermen fight for the direction of how the planet gets protected seems a little diminutive. Wouldn’t the government or UN be sending teams / armies of men to support their faction of the civil war? A hundred special forces with less than lethal weaponry could’ve turned the tide of the climactic battle at the airport.

Additionally, it was a fairly odd choice to have Captain America be the one split off from the UN and government, spite all organization and try to proclaim the Avengers as a rogue organization above the law. Isn’t that more of what Tony Stark would do? After all, he’s a selfish billionaire playboy that is disgusted with the establishment. So why does Stark side with the UN while Captain America casts aside all his former “be a team player” back story? Granted it can feel a little refreshing at times, but it’s simply overshadowed by how much it goes against the grain of Captain America. If you’re going to make a change directly opposite to everything a character’s done in the past, you need to spend time showing why he made the change. Instead, this film spends about 70-80% of its time on choreographed fight scenes. Don’t get me wrong, those fight scenes are frickin’ awesome, but they still don’t explain why the characters are making these choices in depth.

Overall in spite of these flaws I’d recommend Captain America to anyone that’s a fan of the superhero genre. It was great seeing a mouthy Spider Man although I wish they’d brought in Andrew Garfield. The new characters were surprisingly well done, and it’s great seeing the cast of the Avengers flesh itself out. I have a feeling they’re going to need all the help they can get once Thanos arrives…