The story largely follows Disney’s 1950 animated adaptation, with several twists. In this version, Cinderella and the Prince meet prior to the fateful ball. At the time, he tells her he’s simply a palace employee. The Fairy Godmother is a larger character than in previous versions, as she is initially disguised as an old beggar who watches over Cinderella before ultimately revealing herself as a magical being.



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Release Dates13 March 2015 (USA, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia)27 March 2015 (UK, Spain)2 April 2015 (Brazil, Argentina)
Directed ByKenneth Branagh
Music ByPatrick Doyle
StarringCate Blanchett
Lily James
Richard Madden

Stellan Skarsgård
Holliday Grainger
Derek Jacobi
Helena Bonham Carter


Countdown to #Midnight

Midnight Changes Everything

Official US Trailer

“Cinderella” – Disney’s Cinderella