ex-machina-poster-officialEx Machina is a tense, wonderfully written movie about the future of AI. A humanoid robot named Ava has been given one of the first versions of artificial intelligence, and it’s up to Caleb,a programmer, to figure out whether Ava is truly an artificially intelligent robot or not. However,all is not what it seems… There are plenty of intricate twists and turns, and a constant feeling of cat and mouse between Ava and her creator, an enigmatic billionaire that is monitoring theinteraction between Ava and Caleb.

The ending of the movie leaves you with a number of tormented questions, which is very a given the theme of this film. The treatment of Ava is as inhumane as the robot itself and Ava doesn’t appreciate this one bit! This culminates in an ending scene which I won’t spoil beyond to say it leaves me wondering to this day whether certain characters survived or not. All the actors get high marks as they were extremely believable. The dialog is catchy and Ava steals the show with her eerie, seductive lines. (Ava is designed with a female body so it’s not weird.)

Ultimately, Ex Machina is a hidden gem and a great example of a movie that deserved more exposure and accolades than it got. It’s a modern sci fi classic and should be heralded as such. If you like science fiction movies at all, I strongly recommended you watch this glance at the darker side of A