The Gift is a thriller in which the suspense can be cut with a knife. Jump scares abound, so this movie is not for those with a heart condition. This movie would be easily missed among the many other thrillers out there but it does not deserve to be. The characters constantly surprise you, and the bad guy isn’t necessarily who you think he is.The movie is unique in that the villain doesn’t actually perform any direct violence to his victims. In fact, throughout most of the movie you’re not even sure if he’s the villain or a victim, although you have a pretty good clue.

It’s also refreshing seeing Jason Bateman play a character that isn’t a pure, morally good, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. It’s nice to see him cast as something more questionable and dubious. Hopefully this casting leads to darker roles for him in the future, I want to see what a truly evil, villainous Bateman looks like.

The setting is also great and adds a lot of tension to the movie. The threatened couple lives in an open, glass house with very few walls. This gives the impression that they’re being spied on at any time through any of the windows, and like the stalker could sneak into the house at any moment. The glass also makes it feel like they’re completely exposed.

Overall, the movie is incredibly tense and has a tormented conclusion. I would recommend it to any fan of the thriller genre that doesn’t mind a few timely jump scares. The Gift is suspenseful to a T.