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Release Dates25 December 2013 (Estados Unidos)09 de janeiro de 2014 (Portugal)24 de janeiro de 2014
Directed ByMartin Scorsese
Running Time180 minutos
Music ByRobbie RobertsonHoward Shore
AwardsGlobo de Ouro:
- Melhor Ator em Comédia ou Musical
Critics’ Choice Award :
- Melhor Ator em Filme de Comédia
StarringLeonardo Di Caprio

Jonah HillMatthew McConaugheyMargot Robbie
Original CreationJordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) narrates the film showing his monstrous success with his firm complete with ribaldry at work, a sumptuous home on the Gold Coast of Long Island and a trophy wife who is a former model. He then flashes back to 1987, where he began a low-level job at an established Wall Street firm. His boss Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) advises him to adopt a lifestyle of casual sex and cocaine to succeed. However, shortly after he passes his exam to become a certified stockbroker, he loses his job on account of the firm’s bankruptcy as a result of Black Monday.